Jeremy Lin was acquired by the Lakers in the offseason for his expiring contract and draft picks from Houston in return (a first and second round pick).

At this point in the season, the Lakers aren’t going anywhere and since Lin is not a part of the Lakers’ future plans the Lakers should waive him.

This experiment failed with Kobe Bryant and although the media tries to instigate dissension between the two, the chemistry that’s lacking is primarily on the court.

Lin got his chance to start, but similar to his stint in Houston, he got demoted to the bench for his poor play.

Patrick Beverly and Ronnie Price have worse career stats, but what does that say about Jeremy Lin?

If the Lakers decide to waive Lin soon, they have two immediate options to choose from:

Play Jordan Clarkson more or pick up Jordan Farmar off waivers.

Clarkson is part of the Lakers’ future and Farmar wants to return to the Lakers badly.

Neither option guarantees more victories, but it also doesn’t hurt the Lakers’ cause moving forward.

The Lakers are going to be active until the trade deadline in February and this move would help create more cap space for free agency.

The Lakers aren’t playing to win now, they’re preparing to contend in the near future.

Ronnie Price may be challenged offensively, but he is the catalyst on defense. What Price lacks in skills, he makes up for in grit.

Jordan Clarkson also has huge upside and everyone from fans to management believes he has a bright future. If the Lakers aren’t going anywhere this season, why not give him some time to learn on the fly?

They could trade Lin, but since the Lakers only want draft picks and expiring contracts in return, the options and few and far between.

Jeremy Lin’s season with the purple and gold has been inconsistent and waiving him gives Clarkson more playing time and contending teams desiring a backup point guard a chance to give him a try.

It’s nothing personal Lakers fans (purely business), but management needs to “waive” Jeremy Lin goodbye.

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