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Rajon Rondo will not be seen again in a Dallas Mavericks uniform.

If you are a NBA fan you can bank on that.

It is said Rondo is out indefinitely with ‘lingering back issues’. If you believe that, I can sell you the Statue of Liberty for $1 million. I will send the information on where to send the money.

On Wednesday, the Mavericks announced Rondo is out indefinitely due to an injured back that has nagged the free agent-to-be virtually his entire tenure in Dallas. Rick Carlisle made it clear that more than likely Rajon Rondo will never be seen gracing the floor with his Dallas teammates for the rest of the playoffs with one simple phrase after being asked if he thought Rondo would wear a Mavericks uniform again…

“No, I don’t.”

Let me translate that for you…

“Rajon Rondo, don’t let the doorknob hit you where the good Lord split you!”

Rondo got what he deserved after that god awful performance in game two against the Houston Rockets. I’m not going to go into the stats. This is bigger problem that was taken care of quickly and efficiently by the Dallas Mavericks organization.

Rondo quit on the Mavericks organization, his teammates and most importantly himself.

Rondo was benched after 34 seconds into the second half after two quick fouls and corralling a technical foul in the process. He only had 10 minutes in the entire game.

That was 10 minutes too long and that was enough to sicken Carlisle and anyone who likes NBA basketball with Rondo’s presence. To put this in proper perspective, Raymond Felton, who has the body of the Michelin Man got important minutes in this game.

Let’s be clear here, I like Rondo and what he has accomplished over the years. In Boston, he helped the Celtics to two NBA Finals, winning one. The “Big Three” don’t accomplish the feats they did without him and that is undeniable. The problem is, Rondo does not become a star without the “Big Three” and for some reason he has not figured that out yet.

Rondo played his last game in a Mavericks uniform basically like he played after his one game suspension in late February for conduct detrimental to the team after a shouting match with Carlisle about play-calling responsibilities that carried into the locker room after the game…

Counting the minutes until free agency so he can sign with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Sources have constantly reported that Rondo is a goner when free agency starts after it became painfully obvious that the chemistry experiment of functioning in the motion offense of Dallas blew up in everyone’s collective faces.

When the trade was made, the Mavericks knew  Rondo couldn’t throw the ball in a swimming pool standing in the deep end, but maybe he could play defense, rebound and bring some playoff experience to possibly get Dirk Nowitzki another ring.

Well he did bring an experience. It wasn’t pleasant, but it was an experience.

Rondo should be ashamed of himself…seriously.

All players do not get along with their coaches. If they do great, but players have to show up and try.

The TNT crew of Shaquille O’Neal, Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley got into a heated debate over Rondo’s play. Barkley was spot on.

They all agreed that Rajon Rondo was “disengaged” during the game and something needed to be done.


Doesn’t the paycheck twice a month apply in this situation?

How about the guys that he plays with?

How about the love of the game?

How about his reputation?

How about it’s the playoffs?

How about Dallas rescuing him from Boston when he made it clear that he wanted out?

There are going to be a bunch of people that believes that the Mavericks are to blame for this situation. But the truth of the matter is that Rondo was treated with class and they may have saved him millions of dollars in free agency. Rondo did a poor job of being a professional basketball player which has basically dogged him since the veterans left Boston and now here in Dallas.

Will Rajon Rondo end up in Los Angeles? Sure. Jim Buss is actually dumb enough to sign him to a long term deal and let him drive head coach Byron Scott nuts. The funny thing is Doc Rivers sharing the same building and the luxury of having a great leader in Chris Paul while the other L.A. franchise has to deal with one of the biggest locker room cancers in the NBA right now.

Here is a great video by BBALLBREAKDOWN about why exactly Rondo is done in Dallas:





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