As the NBA season winds down and the playoffs are upon us, jockeying for positioning begins. If fans could choose the match-ups, the ideal one is the Cleveland Cavs vs. the Miami Heat. The two teams have faced off three times this season and the Heat lead the series 2-1.

King James

As the season progressed, Dwayne Wade has reinvigorated into All-Star form while LeBron James’ plus/minus rating against the Heat is -4.6. The starting lineups are pretty even, but the advantage the Heat have is playoff experience and familiarity with James’ game. The Cavs have climbed to the #2 seed in the Eastern Conference, but the post-season is a different beast.

The Cavs are returning to the playoffs after a 4-year drought, but with so many players making their first appearance in the post-season the pressure will be on the “playoff rookies” to perform. On the other hand, the Miami Heat struggled initially out of the gates, but recently have found their stride with additions Hassan Whiteside and newly acquired Goran Dragic.

Even without Chris Bosh in the lineup, Erik Spoelstra can conjure up a strategy against James and the Cavs to foil their championship run.

This season Kyrie Irving and LeBron James have proven they are a dynamic duo, but the X-Factor for the Cavs will be Kevin Love. The Heat can choose to let James score, but focus on shutting down either Irving or Love. The Heat role players have been to four straight NBA Finals and although James was their best player, nerves and jitters won’t be an issue for the Heat. Also take into consideration head coach David Blatt.

In his playoff debut can Blatt counter potential defensive schemes against his team?

If the playoffs started today the Cavs and the Heat would face each other. The Cavs would definitely be the favorite, but beyond the bad blood, the Heat are a much more experienced team. LeBron James would have to face some demons to overcome this challenge and fans would love to see his response.

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