Lakers’ Young Guns: Who’s Expendable?

With a key offseason ahead, are any of the Lakers young players expendable? A few seasons of losing have resulted in key young pieces, but for the Lakers it may be time to part ways with one or two.
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Lakers’ Draft Strategy: Fit or Phenom

With another trip to the lottery on the horizon, the Lakers will again have their choice at a young potential superstar (assuming they keep the pick). If the Lakers come away with a top three pick, do they go for roster fit or best talent available?
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LeBron James’ Passive-Aggressive Leadership Style

The Cleveland Cavaliers are primed for a return trip to the NBA Finals with LeBron James leading the way, but not without controversy or drama. After firing Head Coach David Blatt in the middle of the season...

How Winning Helps The Lakers

The Lakers won the past three out of five games and there's fear by their fans they could fall out of the bottom three and lose their protected pick. The bright side is their young stars D'Angelo Russell, Jordan Clarkson and Julius Randle have played extremely well as of late and it's cause for hope in Laker Land.