‘Twas the night before Christmas, five years ago the Lakers were the best;

Now simply they’re known as the Sixers of the West.

If you told me before the season, we’d compete for the bottom three;

I’d say you’re crazy, stop watching ESPN on TV.

Ben Simmons is the target since we’re in full tank mode;

The Front Office sounds like a broken record saying each offseason we’ll reload.

Each summer we pitch the biggest free agents on the storied Lakers past;

Like Clayton Kershaw in the post-season, they exit real fast.

Ever since Phil left, each season’s gotten worse;

Hint: he guzzles beer, wears a cap, yes Jim Buss is a curse.

Mike Brown, Mike D’Antoni & now Byron Scott is our coach;

And for some reason the front office is above reproach.

Will the Lakers give Randle, Russell & Clarkson the keys?

Without the right coach they may all prefer to leave.

Sadly the Lakers will be lucky to break double digits in wins;

Yet the franchise still makes money despite the Buss family sins.

In Kobe’s final season, arenas are packed chanting his name;

But the Lakers strategy from top to bottom is a damn shame.

Buss family do us a favor and please sell the team;

Lakers fans are tired of this nightmare, we’ve forgot how to dream.

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