Jeremy Lin has the most deranged fans in the league.

Kobe Bryant may be the biggest brand on the Lakers, but Lin apologists are as passionate as they get.

The irony is Lin’s followers are the exact opposite of who he is:

Jeremy Lin is a logical thinker on the court, but his fans defend him out of emotion (devoid of facts most of the time).

Jeremy Lin is known for his Christian faith and good character, while his fans become abusive towards any criticism about Lin’s play.

Jeremy Lin is a humble, soft-spoken individual, yet his followers are fanatical and downright rude.

It’s rare when fans who loyally follow a celebrity’s every move behave the complete opposite of the man they put on a pedestal.

His teammate, Kobe Bryant, gets attacked by the media all the time and fans either love or hate him.

Jeremy Lin on the other hand, does not nearly carry the same star power as Bryant, yet his fan base fantasizes about his superpowers and is blind to his faults.

Lin seems like a great human being and possesses many admirable qualities, but when critics analyze his performance it’s treated like an attack on his character by his growing army.

So Lin fans, before you slander the next reporter for stating what he/she observes from Jeremy’s play, take a look in the mirror and ask, “What Would Jeremy Do?

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