Kobe Bryant’s Muse was nothing short of spectacular. Widely known as a selfish and egotistical player, the documentary peers into the inter-workings of the “Black Mamba”, giving us the opportunity to better understand Kobe the individual.

Although not retired, Kobe’s story was insightful and fascinating, putting himself out there for the public to see. Throughout the documentary, quotes from Kobe himself were constant, allowing viewers to say “wow” and giving us that “oh that’s why” moments.

Here are the best quotes from Kobe Bryant’s Muse…

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Kobe_muse_quote_silence Kobe_muse_quote_erupt Kobe_muse_quote_craft Kobe_muse_quote_draft Kobe_muse_quote_utah Kobe_muse_quote_black_mamba Kobe_muse_quote_emotions Kobe_muse_quote_celtics Kobe_muse_quote_beauty




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