The Lakers have shown throughout the season the ability to stay competitive. However, it hasn’t exactly translated to many wins.

And the effort they put forth against some opponents doesn’t carry over to the next game, thus leading to very inconsistent performances.

– Kobe’s rest and rust. It appears that sitting a 36-year old Kobe Bryant out of a few games actually allows his body to rest and recover. Who would’ve known? Since sitting out three straight games, Bryant hasn’t played more than 33 minutes in a game, and performances include a triple double, improved shooting, and a higher assist clip. No more are his tired legs forced to carry the workload, and his mental fatigue seems to not be an issue when making decisions and finding teammates. Although over his last two games, rust looks to have played a factor as the Mamba has shot 5-of-31 from the field, including 2-of-12 from beyond the arc. Going forward, it’s now about finding that right amount of balance.

– Close losses. Just in the calendar year 2015 alone, the Lakers have displayed strong performances against two of the West’s top teams: a 109-106 loss to the Memphis Grizzlies, and a 98-94 loss in Portland against the Blazers. These teams are much more talented and yet the Lakers were able to keep pace. Again, despite wins against Denver, Indiana, and Orlando (without Kobe Bryant), there just haven’t been consistent efforts that lead to wins.

– Broken, not beaten. Since the start of the season, injuries have been very minimal. However, that hasn’t stopped Ronnie Price and Ed Davis from both having their respective noses broken. Despite this, it’s good to know that the injury bug hasn’t hit the Lakers as drastically since the start of the season.

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