This may be Kobe Bryant’s final season, but so far the veteran who’s having the better go-around is Metta World Peace. During the summer World Peace voluntarily worked out with Julius Randle and impressed the Lakers staff enough to warrant a training camp invite. He ended up making the team and his impact on the younger players is clearly noticeable.

Here is how Bryant can learn from World Peace’s example:

Know Your Role – In his final stint, World Peace has focused on one area: defensive intensity. It was apparent in preseason games and ever since he was inserted into the rotation against the Brooklyn Nets the energy level of the Lakers defense has picked up. In his earlier years, World Peace was more of an all-around contributor, but currently his role is to lead the second unit’s defensive prowess.

Bryant should focus less on scoring and facilitate the offense. When Bryant aims to set teammates up, he almost averages a triple-double, but more importantly it usually results in a victory for the Lakers.

Modeling Defense – Byron Scott stated Bryant and World Peace are the Lakers’ best defenders, but World Peace leads by example. Defense is predicated by hustle more than technique. World Peace has always been known for his strong hands and he can still intimidate offensive players when he crowds them.

Bryant, on the other hand, tends to attempt for steals and ends up giving up easy baskets. If Bryant played less “safety” and more positional defense, the Lakers would be better off.

Developing Youth – Bryant can be seen pulling players aside both on and off the court, but World Peace does it more often. With all the youth this season, leadership is lacking. Scott’s style is more of a manager than coach, therefore World Peace’s guidance towards the youth means that much more.

World Peace also looks to set teammates up and is vocal on the bench consistently. Bryant is more of a scorer, but what he can learn from World Peace is embracing the Lakers’ future.

World Peace’s return to the Lakers has been much more fruitful than anyone would have anticipated. He seems in control of his body and mind, which builds confidence in his teammates.

Bryant has called World Peace one of his favorite teammates, but on this occasion World Peace is teaching Bryant how to lead.

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